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Kye Kelley Takes His Ford Powered Small Tire Camaro to the Dyno + the Strip for Shakedown

Sure, participating in Street Outlaws seems like a dream job. However, after following along with what the men and women on the show do in order to stay ready for competition, we would venture to think that not too many folks are cut out to race on this high of a level.

Not only are the competitors constantly maintaining their vehicles and trying to make them just a little bit faster which takes a lot of time and dedication. There are also a wide variety of different events and television shows that they need to prepare for as well. This might even include creating several different cars for different forms of drag racing.

This time, we check in with Kye Kelley as he has bounced into yet another car for yet another series. The idea this time is to get his new small tire Ford-powered Chevrolet Camaro ready to go to Las Vegas for JJ Da Boss’s Fastest in America race.

In this particular video, we follow along with Kye as he takes us to the dyno just to make sure that his ducks are in a row. In order to double-check and make sure that everything is good to go for a competition, we then follow the Camaro to US 41 drag strip in morocco, IN to make sure that the car can get all of the power to the ground in the most efficient way possible.

The cool thing about a video like this is that we not only get to ride along and see exactly what one of the fan-favorite Street Outlaws is up to. We also get to learn about what exactly might not be perfect in his car and what he’s doing to change it. Being able to see things from behind the scenes on the Kye Kelley Racing YouTube channel certainly makes a figure like Kelley seem like just another gearhead trying to build an awesome hot rod!


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