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Kye Kelley’s Shocker Damaged in Transit on Street Outlaws Australia Tour

Life on the road is something that Street Outlaws competitors have most certainly grown accustomed to over the years. However, delivering the racing overseas takes them out of their comfort zone a bit with new twists and turns thrown in the mix. While they are used to constantly being on the move in America, switching from a spacious trailer to a shipping container presents a significant challenge.

Furthermore, cars behave differently in shipping containers compared to trailers, which can result in damage to the expensive racing machines. Kye Kelley, a top competitor from the world of Street Outlaws, isn’t the first to see damage come to life. Instead, we would also watch as Robin Roberts had his car extensively damaged when the truck pulling the container with Robert’s car rolled over on the highway.

In a recent outing, Kelley checked in with fans at Willowbank Dragway after competing at Perth Motorplex. However, the weekend got off to a bumpy start as he had to analyze the damage done to his car after transit from one track to the next. Fortunately, the damage was not substantial enough to deter him from racing against a local legend known as “Ntorious.” After all, if he wants to claim to be one of the fastest racers in the world, he can’t skip racing some of Australia’s top talent.

Despite the smashed car, Kelley still approached the action in Brisbane with his usual fervor. This fan favorite laid down some test passes before getting into action at Willowbank.

While life on the road is something that competitors like Kelley are used to, racing abroad presents unique challenges that require adjustments. Nonetheless, when presented with challenges like this, the professionals are truly separated from the rest of the pack. A video like the vlog below is a testament to just that!