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M*rder Nova FURIOUS Over Start Line Controversy | Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings

Drag racing has a way of being dramatic. Even though some casual bystanders might wonder how that is when they only see two cars going in a straight line in a race in only lasts a couple of seconds, there are about a million different combinations that can come together to have either one racer or both racers up in arms.

This time, we check in with a situation that unfolded between Shawn Ellington, aka “M*rder Nova,” and Robin Roberts.

It seems that these racers are usually on each other’s good side. So, when Ellington was given the short end of the stick, he was ready to chalk it up to a mistake. However, when he found out more details about what happened during the situation, he was quick to go up in arms.

At the starting line, there is both etiquette and strict protocol about how racers stage their vehicles. Once one vehicle pulls into the beams, the opposition has a certain amount of time to stage. If both cars aren’t staged within a certain period of time, the light will drop. However, if one racer hasn’t pulled all the way up to the line, they will be disqualified.

In this particular outing, it would appear that Roberts’ staging light had illuminated, which led Ellington to believe that his opponent was in the beams. However, what really illuminated the starting line beams was Roberts’ wife’s foot as she was attempting to help stage her husband’s car.

When Ellington thought that the first light meant that his opposition had pulled up to the line, he proceeded to go through his staging procedure himself. This led to a long time with Ellington spooled up and ready to go. When a car sits, staged with turbo spooling, it puts a lot of heat into every component, which reduces efficiency.

Below, we watch as Ellington loses the race, which could be due to the fact that he didn’t exactly get a fair shake on the starting line. Tune in to see exactly how the Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings drama unfolded for yourself.

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