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Street Outlaws Competitor’s Car Damaged in Australian Semi Truck Rollover

Street Outlaws competitor, Robin Roberts, hit a rough patch this past Sunday when his “High Voltage” Pontiac Firebird was involved in a freak accident.

Roberts is among the Street Outlaws competitors in Australia, doing a tour down under. Roberts reported that, while on the way from Perth Motorplex to the next event on the Australian tour, the truck carrying his Firebird would be overturned.

The car inside of the container being hauled by the truck was left at the liberty of gravity to do its work. Fortunately, all things considered, the outcome wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

Roberts took to Facebook to fill everybody in on what exactly was going on.

First and foremost, he tells us that the truck drivers were OK.

As far as the car goes, he says it was ripped out of its mounts and had been thrown into the roof of the container which it actually managed to dent. Roberts did comment that the chassis seems to be alright. However, he would make sure to do further testing to make sure that everything is still straight enough to make its way down the drag strip at the impressive speeds that these cars are known for.

The post also does say that some of his fellow racers like Scott Taylor Motorsports, BoostedGT, and Jeff Lutz among others have been chipping in to help get the car back to where it needs to be to race.

Of course, being involved in a situation like this in the first place is an incredible challenge to overcome. Having to do so while 10,000 miles from home adds yet another layer of difficulty to the formula.

Roberts does seem determined to stay on the road, though. In another Facebook post, Roberts pointed out that he will be making the next leg of the journey to Willowbank Raceway. Even though he says the car is “banged up and not as pretty,” we have to say that staying on schedule after such an incident shows a high level of resilience to make it to the next race.