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Lady Turns a Repo Into a Hit and Run After Driving Off of a Tow Truck

It’s something that we see time and time again. For one reason or another, it’s a pretty common phenomenon for someone having their vehicle reposessed to absolutely have a meltdown. We get it, it’s a very stressful situation and kind of embarrassing at the same time. We can’t help but feel for people who are in a bad position and have their car taken away at the same time to really compound matters.

However, on the same note, no matter how bad the situation or how stressed out you are, trying to drive your vehicle off of the back of a tow truck is just never a good idea. Not only does it not really solve anything – If the people involved in these sorts of situations really thought about it, the bank is still going to catch up with them sooner or later. It also ends up creating a lot more unnecessary drama that could escalate things even further.

In this particular case, we see just how such an escalation could happen. For the owner of this particular Dodge. Now, instead of just having to pay a fee to get the car back and catch up with the bank, she’s also going to have a couple of criminal charges on her record along with some fresh new damage to the Durango. After slamming into several other cars on the scene and driving away, this little shindig might have just become a felony.

Down in the video below, the tow truck driver did the smart thing, capturing the entire thing on video for a little bit of evidence to have if it makes its way to court. Hopefully, the owner of the Dodge can get things all sorted out and to a place where her vehicle isn’t being taken away by the repo man.

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