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Little Girl Sees Her Favorite Car For the First Time in Person, Can’t Help but Shed Tears of Joy

Most of us who are car enthusiasts as adults can point to maybe one or two moments in our formative years that started to take us down this road that has led us to the addiction that we now know today. Some of us might even be lucky enough to have the moment hanging around on a home video somewhere. It wasn’t until the age of social media, though, that this moment could go viral!

This time, we check in with a truly heartwarming situation as a young girl gets to meet her idol in person. According to TikTok user, @fakebentley, the girl pictured in this video has a strong love for cars. The uploader points out that the young girl’s favorite car without ever seeing one in person is the Toyota Supra. It’s not a bad choice, either, as the Supra is most certainly a community favorite.

In this particular video, the girl’s mother decided to surprise her. Since the uploader’s daughter has never seen a supra in person, that was the goal in this particular video. With the camera pointed at the girl, mom asked her what her favorite car was. After replying, “Supra,” mom then told her to turn around where she would be greeted by her favorite car.

The girl immediately got emotional, showing a side of herself that I think every enthusiast has within themselves. If this kid grows up to become a big-time car enthusiast, we think that she will fondly look back on the moment when she went viral on TikTok because of that passion.

@fakebentley My daughter has a strong love for cars. Her favourite car, without even seeing one, is a Supra. I decided to surprise her one day, and this was her reaction @Alex #fyp #fypシ #foryou #foryoupage #trending #viral #carsoftiktok #cartok #jdm #supra #isthatasupra #jdmcarsoftiktok #cars #toyota ♬ original sound – FakeBentley



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