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Metallica’s James Hetfield Breaks Down His Impressive Car Collection

I’m not quite sure about everyone else here in the car community but when I see a celebrity I like who also enjoys partaking in our hobby, I can’t help but get a little bit excited. There’s just a little bit of a dopamine rush that comes with seeing one of your favorite people enjoy this niche that many of us spend our time in.

Is it just so happens, for Metallica frontman, James Hetfield, he’s very much in love with cars himself?

With the hobby, it seems as if every enthusiast comes at it from a slightly different angle. For Hetfield, if we had to pin down his love of cars to one main factor, it would be the pure art form. In an interview with Petersen Automotive Museum, the rockstar talks a little bit about how he grew up in Southern California hotrod culture watching his dad come home with all sorts of projects and how this got him excited about the world of wheels. From there, he talks a little bit about how he ended up in a circle with artists and managed to find himself in a car club that really pushed his passion to the next level.

In the video below, we follow along with Hetfield and learn a little bit more about his passion for cars along with taking a peek at some members of his collection. The one thing that we really enjoy about this collection is that it’s not a bunch of high-end cars that one could just buy from a showroom. Instead, Hetfield tells us that he’s inspired by seeing cars that sit in the field, telling himself that these machines have a story to tell and want to bring them back to life so that they can continue that story.


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