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New Quickest Quarter Mile Production Car: Lucid Air Sapphire v Bugatti Chiron v Tesla Plaid

As much as it might pain some enthusiasts to know, an electric car is the quickest accelerating production car of all time. The Tesla Model S Plaid laid down this claim and along the way, it also claimed the title of the quickest and fastest production vehicle to ever go down the quarter mile as well.

Now, for those who thought that this was the icing on the cake and that Tesla would hold this position without a challenge, they should think again. Instead, there are a whole barrage of automakers who are taking their shot at the standing records as electric vehicles will likely find their way into the 8-second quarter mile club with factory performance options in the very near future.

In order to try to knock the Plaid off the podium, we find vehicles like the Lucid Air Sapphire, a 1200 hp electric-powered animal with an additional motor to help it move like nothing to come before it. If Lucid has its way, Sapphire will become the fastest car in the world one day.

This time, not only will one of these upcoming electric vehicle releases challenge the Plaid as our hosts managed to find a pre-production Sapphire. We also find a monstrous competitor in the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport, a 1479 hp monster that clocks in with $4 million price tag that’s sure to turn more than a couple of heads.

With this comparison from Hagerty, we find ourselves right in the middle of a battle that features three of the quickest cars in the world if not the quickest cars in the world. As the three find themselves on an unprepared stretch of road, it’s only right to see which one will be king of that quarter mile.

After watching a video like this, we can’t help but wonder what’s coming next. Will the Lucid Air Sapphire take the crown as the fastest production vehicle? Will combustion be able to come back around electric power?

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