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Rain Doesn’t Stop Ryan From Beating Murder Nova In A Race

One of the obstacles that can create a bit of a challenge when it comes to different forms of racing is the inclement weather. Unlike other sports where athletes can simply play in the rain or play inside, drag racing is one form of competition that you’re definitely not going to want to participate in while on a wet surface. Let’s just say that things can escalate incredibly quickly and get really bad, especially with the level of power and the tire compound that we find with Street Outlaws competitors.

That doesn’t stop some of them from pushing the limits sometimes, though.

This time, we check in with a little bit of a Street Outlaws throwback where rain was lurking over the horizon. Let’s just say that there’s a fine line between when racers should and should not race. With a light sprinkle, maybe things will be all right. However, risking hundreds of thousands of dollars and your life at the same time is definitely not something that a lot of competitors are going to want to play with. Many will turn around and pack up to go home when they see the first sign of showers.

In this particular case, we check in as Ryan Martin and Murder Nova were slated to race when the rain started to roll in. As the sprinkles began to come down, the duo decided that they were going to try and hurry up to get to racing. However, as the weather got a little bit more aggressive, the racers decided to wait it out.

Fortunately, the rain didn’t stick around for too long. After the showers stopped, the competitors decided that they would attempt to get the race done as most of the water had dried up. It seems harmless enough but even in situations like these, things can get a little bit sketchy.

Follow along with the clip below to see exactly how this all ended up going down when the competitors got on the street to do battle.