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Riding Shotgun in the One and Only Farmboat!

In pretty quick order, the concept of the Farmboat has gone from a leaked viral video to being something that is delivering tons of content. To be quite honest, it’s rather easy to get obsessed with this thing as we definitely can’t get enough of the combination that throws together a pontoon boat and the OG Farmtruck, all in one.

This time, we get yet another perspective on this awesome machine from the one and only Lou Renova of 405 Photo.  In this one, the idea seems to be to give us a little bit of a more raw take that gives viewers the chance to feel what it’s really like to ride along with this monster machine. We really appreciate this perspective as it does away with all the polish and delivers clips from the camera to our screens in something that makes us feel like we’re really there from a variety of different angles.

For those who aren’t up to speed on the build, a pretty cool feature of the combo is that the Farmboat is powered by the original 502 cubic inch V8 that was under the hood of Farmtruck before it received some upgrades. To make all of the magic come together, the power plant is combined with a jet drive to get the show on the water! So not only do the visuals pay homage to the original but the engine is also a throwback to the OG Farmtruck as well!

The build is a part of the upcoming STREET OUTLAWS: FARMTRUCK AND AZN television show in which the duo has unveiled that we will see eight different episodes that will cover eight different builds. We would probably guess that each one will have its very own special Farmtruck and AZN twist as the “Farmboat” is quite an interesting start to the journey.

Down below, we get the unique opportunity to go along for quite the ride ourselves!

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