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Small Boat With a Ton of People Takes on Water at Haulover

Florida’s Haulover Inlet certainly has a way of chewing up boaters and spitting them out, leaving the individuals devoid of the confidence they had beforehand.

Fortunately, it isn’t too often that a vessel goes under in the inlet as most boats today are engineered to be able to withstand the conditions. However, it would appear as if some really want to push the limits on what it is that their vessel can do. In this situation, we get to see exactly that come to life and it’s probably about as close as we have seen to a boat going down in the inlet.

We didn’t get a chance to look over the brochure for this vessel. However, if it isn’t overweight, we would guess that the boaters are pushing the limits on exactly what the boat is able to carry, especially when considering the fact that it’s being thrown into one of the most brutal areas at a boat or could possibly access in Florida.

Not only is Haulover known for its big waves but on this particular day, the surf looked extra choppy which would create a situation that would be tough to navigate. In fact, generally, we can have some criticisms for the individuals behind the controls. In this case, though, it looked like the guy behind the steering wheel did a pretty decent job. And at the end of the day, it was a mix of other factors that seemed to put this boat incredibly close to the edge.

Fortunately, the boat’s bilge pump was cranking, sending water that was crashing over the sides back to where it came from so the vessel could stay afloat. In addition, the chop seems to let up just long enough in order for the boat or to make its way to a little bit of clear space to recover.

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