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Turbo Erupts in Ball of Flames During Tractor Pull... September 4, 2019 carnage explosion

Alex Laughlin’s Tractor Pull Truck is an Abs... March 31, 2017 tractor pull truck

Dirty Deeds Holden Kingswood Ute at the Tooradin T... January 24, 2017 tractor tractor pull

Obliterating 4 engines in 10 seconds, tractor pull... August 29, 2016 supercharged tractor

Pro Stock Semi Pulling Truck Arm Bender... November 10, 2015 boosted tractor

Super Modified 4×4 Silverado Pulling Truck... August 25, 2015 silverado supercharged

Four V8 Hemi Engines – Four 14-71 supercharg... July 24, 2015 blower supercharged

Get Ready for 7,500 HP At The Tractor Pull Jambore... December 22, 2014 diesel tractor pull

Twelve Valve Cummins In A BANSHEE – Crazy Sl... December 10, 2014 banshee boosted

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