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The 15 Most Extreme Weather Events Ever Captured on Video

Most of the time, when it comes to going on a drive, most people aren’t going to think much about the weather. Unless you have a convertible and want to drop the top, most folks will probably not change their course when they need to go to work in the morning just because a storm is incoming. However, for those who are flying through the skies or navigating their way through the seas, things are just a little bit different as the weather conditions become much more important.

Those piloting both ships and airplanes really have it in their best interest to plan around the weather. Being able to avoid a storm would naturally be the best thing to do whether you’re flying or cruising through the ocean. Failure to do so could mean some pretty big damage or even fatality for those who are not careful.

That sounds pretty simple, right? Being able to avoid those tough storms means that everything will go much more smoothly.

However, in reality, the weather can actually be pretty unpredictable and sometimes gets out of control. This is especially true out at sea where one moment, things can be completely sunny and the next, mother nature seems to have been upset as she throws around massive waves.

This time, we dig into 15 of the most extreme weather events caught on video. Some of them impact ships at sea and others manage to strike at airports. In one situation, we even see a commercial airplane nearly touch down with a wing before the wheels which had to be pretty terrifying for everybody on board.

Buckle up that seatbelt because this one takes us to all different parts of the world to show us some of the world’s wildest weather and how it impacts us.


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