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The All-New 2024 Toyota Tacoma Is Finally Here But Have They Fixed Its Three Biggest Problems?

When it comes to the midsize pickup truck segment, it seems as if the Toyota Tacoma has become the benchmark. The Tacoma has built up a reputation over time of being one of the most functional and reliable models that one can possibly get their hands on and, of course, Toyota hopes to keep that trend going as we move on to the 2024 model year.

For the launch of the truck, the crew over at TFL Truck was on location to see what the latest and greatest generation of Tacoma has to offer.

With as much praise as the model has gotten over the years, of course, nothing is perfect which means that there was a bit of wiggle room for Toyota to improve to create the best version of the Tacoma possible.

In this particular outing, our hosts point out a couple of those shortcomings including the ability to support taller occupants and a couple of items on the functionality wishlist. Of course, throughout the course of the video, we get the opportunity to go through some of the new technology that Toyota has integrated into the recent reveal as well.

As of the writing of this article, the 2024 Tacoma isn’t up for grabs just yet so if you find yourself drooling over this video, we regret to inform you that you’re going to have to wait. However, before long, all of the trim levels of the Taco will be up for grabs and ready for buyers to choose which version of the truck is best for them. We might even go as far as saying that this version of the Tacoma might just be the most versatile to date with the most diverse group of options to choose from so that you can pick out the truck that’s the most fit for your lifestyle.


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