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The Most Powerful Corvette Engine Nobody Bought

Over the years, Chevrolet’s Corvette has picked up a reputation of being a supercar destroyer that can be purchased on a relatively modest budget. Sure, not everybody has the money to go out and buy a brand-new Corvette. However, it’s very feasible that the average person could put together enough money to save up and buy one of these things unlike some of its competitors from brands like the Ferrari, Lamborghini, and lots of other European manufacturers.

These days, the line is really getting blurred between the Corvette and its closest competitors. However, things might’ve been a bit more divided back in the day.

In fact, with the fourth generation Corvette, the L98 engine was beginning to get a bit tired at the time when stacking up against the competition. However, there was one variation that didn’t really catch on too well but had a way of blowing this competition out of the water.

This time, we check in with the option that took the C4 Corvette and hooked up its 350 ci small block V8 with a pair of turbos and added 100 hp to the package, really tuning the machine to do something special. It was so special, in fact, that this particular package managed to crack a 255 mph top speed while, of course, being emissions-compliant and air-conditioned as well. This top speed set a record for the time.

So, why didn’t this 255 mph Corvette sell very well? Was it just way too ahead of its time? Perhaps the package was a little bit too expensive for what was being offered up.

By following along with the video below from 337 SPEED, we get to dig into the nuances of this particular Corvette to see what it was all about and why not too many people know about it.