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These Trick Headers For a V10 Swapped BMW M3 Have Officially Broken TikTok

For somebody looking to do an engine swap, the combinations are pretty much limitless. It seems as if the only restricting factors are what your bank account looks like and what your level of experience is. For example, something like the BMW M3 has been a relatively popular swap candidate over the years. Of course, the predominant engine selection for such a swap would be some variation of the LS engine.

We aren’t here necessarily to argue about what the best swap would be or if a swap is even necessary but if a mechanically inclined person goes in the LS direction, it would probably be one of the easiest swaps possible. Not only is there plenty of aftermarket support available. There are also a ton of people who have done this sort of swap and can help the project get to the finish line with plenty of advice around the web.

However, in this particular situation, we check in with Driftworks who decided to do things a bit differently. Instead of going down the beaten path, this particular shop travels down the road less traveled, taking a V10 application and shoehorning it under the hood of said BMW E46 M3.

In this particular example, we take a look at an incredibly unique part of this project that just so happens to be the exhaust. As it turns out, you most definitely need a custom exhaust when it comes to such an engine combination. In this case, a company that goes by “Celeritech” certainly created a set of headers that is incredible to look at.

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By following along with the video below, we get to see how these insane headers fit under the hood of this particular BMW. Sure, something like the aforementioned LS swap might be an efficient way to add a different power source to such a platform. However, with a V10 and a set of headers like this, this BMW is going to make a statement absolutely everywhere that it goes.