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These Early 2000s Car YouTube Videos Deliver All the SWEET Nostalgia – Remember Any?

The first-ever video was uploaded to YouTube back on April 23, 2005. Currently, at 28 years old, that would mean that your author was just about to turn 13 and many of our readers are in about the same boat.

For those who weren’t logged on at the time, allow me to tell you that the internet was quite a wild place. Today, it seems like creators kind of has the perfect content type figured out. Back then, though, the creativity was flowing and everyone was just kind of throwing stuff up on the web, not really knowing where it would go. For the first couple of years, people weren’t even getting paid to upload videos to YouTube as they are today.

However, the quality of the content was pretty awesome as compared to what our brains were used to at the time. Sure, before YouTube came along, websites like Street Fire existed in order to satiate our need for speed. However, with the emergence of YouTube, many of us would end up getting our first taste of user-created content in the world of wheels.

While most of this footage was basic and might’ve just included things like simple exhaust videos or clips of acceleration, it really opened up the door to something entirely new.

Naturally, there were thousands upon thousands of videos to choose from. For the sake of this article, though, we tried to pick out just a couple that really highlights what it meant to be on car guy on YouTube back in the early 2000s. Some of these videos might be a little bit grainy and not have perfect audio quality but there’s something about the nostalgia that they bring back that really makes them worth the watch.

Today’s videos definitely bring a higher quality to the table but there’s just something about these old-school clips that really makes the adrenaline flow.