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This Carbon Clad, LT1 Powered Land Rover Defender Might be the Coolest Ever

Over the years, the Land Rover Defender has maintained King status as one of the most highly regarded off-road vehicles in the community. One of the things that the community loves to do with these tucks is modify them. Just about every modification in the book has been thrown at a Defender at one point or another. This time, though, we come up with an example that seems to be perhaps one of the coolest that we’ve ever laid eyes on.

To say that this Defender has undergone a little bit of a facelift would be an understatement. Instead, just about every bolt on the truck has been turned in the name of spicing things up just a little bit.

There are so many different modifications here that we almost don’t know where to start. Maybe the power source is a good place to really captivate the attention. In lieu of the original powertrain, we find a couple of components pulled from a Chevrolet Camaro SS. Under the hood, we find the most recent direct injected LT1 V8 along with an eight speed automatic transmission.

In addition to being woken up on a performance front, we find that a lot of the other components have really come to life as well. For example, the truck is clad in all sorts of tasteful carbon fiber components that make it stand out from a factory Defender in a lot of ways. While the original Defender seems to have that unrefined look that people love about it, these carbon fiber components give the truck a little bit slicker and sportier appearance. In addition, there are a whole bunch of small touches that come together to paint the complete picture. From the LED lighting all over the place to the subwoofer hidden in the center console, there are a lot of trick modifications that make this Defender one of the coolest we have ever laid eyes on.