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This Hotel Lets You Park Your Car Right in the Room!

As gearheads, we really are simple people. Give us a way to spend as much time around our machines as we possibly can and we will be happy. This means that if we have the opportunity to bring our cars inside, there’s a good chance that most gearheads would want to make that work. How cool would a garage and a living room, all in one, be? I digress.

Apparently, one hotel in Munich, Germany at a place that goes by the name of Motorworld, has the gearhead in mind. By taking a standard hotel room and giving it a glass wall that is connected to a garage where one can store their car and gawk over it from the room, Motorworld differentiates itself from the pack. Again, it seems like something simple but it’s a feature that lots of car fans have flocked to the facility to enjoy.

The hotel allows guests to stay in the Ameron collection hotel for about $265/night according to @seenthroughglass on TikTok. Better yet, our host points out that outside of the hotel room, the doors open to an epic museum full of crazy cars. There are also restaurants in the facility so that one would never have to leave if they don’t want to.

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Below, we check in with a video that gives us an idea of what it’s like to stay in a hotel thanks to Sophia Calate. While the video is in German, there are English subtitles for those who don’t speak the language.

Motorworld’s website describes their facilities on their website saying “Sleeping in the middle of MOTORWORLD Munich – a special experience. Here the fascination of the automobile comes alive on 23 sqm to 44 sqm. In our 153 rooms and 3 Car & Bike Studios, the industrial look of the listed historic MOTORWORLD hall is combined with contemporary design, and you can enjoy an extraordinary inside view of the breathtaking hall – optionally you get an outside view to the quieter southern part of the site. Selected works of art create an inspiring, modern and homely environment.”

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