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Two Pickups Combined Into the Ultimate Functional Work Truck With Hidden Tool Storage

Every once in a while, we come across an idea that really puts our minds to work and makes us wonder how something like this doesn’t already exist. In this particular situation, we take a look at a pickup truck design that actually fuses together a couple of different types of trucks into one to make what might be the ultimate work truck.

Now, we know what some people might be expecting. Normally, when we think of a work truck, the first thing that comes to mind can tend to be a big and ugly machine that doesn’t have very much curb appeal. However, that isn’t to say that good-looking trucks need to be devoid of all function.

Instead, this time, we see what happens when a good-looking Ford F-250 is fused together with a beat-up old work truck. Essentially, the idea is to try and keep the Ford as factory-looking as possible while combining it with the function of the work truck. It certainly will be a challenge. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

By following along with the video below, we get to see a typical Ford pickup become a sort of Transformer. Heading into the side of the bed, we find awesome toolboxes as the entire bedside lifts up to reveal a secret underneath. On top of that, we have another awesome feature in a massive toolbox drawer that slides straight out of the rear bumper. No matter where we look at this thing, there seems to be hidden functionality that really makes it different from a typical pickup truck. There’s room for all sorts of tools within!

When it comes to SEMA builds, this is one that really belongs at the show as it showcases the ingenuity and something that proves to be a little bit different. It even managed to take home an award!