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V8 LS Powered Mini Cooper Drift Machine Makes ALL THE NOISE – DYNO TIMES

When it comes to going fast, there are some very basic factors to consider. While things can get complex when it comes to putting together with the perfect ride, somebody who’s looking to have a good time is going to want to add power and remove weight. After getting that figured out, everything else is really just the cherry on the sundae.

In order to do this, it’s absolutely no secret to the automotive community has really favored the LS series of engines. Over the years, tons of power has been cranked out from this late-model General Motors powerhouse that can now be found swapped into just about any car that one could imagine. Seriously, if you can name it, there’s a pretty good chance that an LS engine has ended up under the hood.

This time, we get up close and personal with a pretty insane LS combination that really sticks out from the bunch.

For starters, things go down a lightweight path as the vehicle sporting the V8 is none other than a Mini Cooper. Let’s just say that the crew from The Italian Job would be mega jealous of this bad boy.

In this episode of Dyno Times, we really get to take a look at what might be one of the coolest LS-swapped Mini Coopers in existence. This example doesn’t have any forced induction. However, after seeing what it does on the dyno, maybe it doesn’t need any. Designed for drifting, this particular ride seems to us like an oversized go-kart that is probably an absolute blast to get behind the wheel of and lay into that long, skinny pedal.

Before watching the dyno pull, be sure to head over to the YouTube video and chime in with a comment of what you think the horsepower is going to tally up to.