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Viral TikTok Will Make You NEVER Want to Sell a Car Again

Depending on who you ask, buying or selling a car can be a dreaded chore. Sure, there are some among us who get excited at the idea of going into a negotiation as bargaining over a car can be exciting.

However, when it comes to dealing with people, one can never truly know what to expect. In the world of selling used cars, people from all walks of life come along and let’s just say that some of them can be a little bit more difficult than others.

This time, we check in with a car dealer on TikTok who goes by the name of @the_richest_cardealer. Our host has become known for telling stories of some of the wild things that happen to him in the life of selling cars. This time, though, he comes up with a story that might just take the cake as one of the craziest of all time. In fact, after listening to this one, we wouldn’t blame anybody who just wants to stick to trading in their used car to a dealer from now on to avoid this chaos.

By following along with the clip below, we learn of the story of a man who wanted to save $500. Apparently, the $500 was incredibly important to this customer because he was willing to go to some pretty insane lengths in order to get that money back, even if it meant that it would cost him a ton more in the long run.

At the end of the day, this might sound like a pretty wild story and it is. However, when it comes to dealing with people who want to buy cars, this is just another day in the life.

@the_richest_cardealer Heres a storytime about The most destructive case of buyers remorse ever. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ oh. Did I mention he wants to file a lawsuit? #lawsuit #dodge #charger #cars #car #dealership #owner #storytime #business #entrepreneur #dealershiplife #towed ♬ original sound – Omar Afaneh