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Which Bed Liner is the Best? Torture Test Finds Out!

When it comes to spending money on something like a bed liner for a pickup truck, there are bound to be lots of options to choose from. Each and every brand that participates in this market wants to earn your money and sometimes, it’s just not worth spending the extra cash.

Thankfully, though, we have channels like the Project Farm YouTube channel that dive into a whole variety of different tools and products to get to the bottom of which buy is actually the best. Sometimes, we find that it’s worth spending the extra money and going with a top-shelf product. However, other times, the cheaper alternatives can prove incredibly strong and make a case for why they should earn a spot in your garage.

This time, we dive into the world of spray-in bed liners, taking a tour of a variety of different products that promise to be the toughest of the bunch. After this test, though, we will be able to see which one of these products is the top dog and which ones are just pretenders.

In order to put the products to the test, they will be taken through a variety of different challenges. As something like a bed liner is going to be put up against the gamut of challenging conditions, the tests should definitely be something that reflects that.

Down in the video below, we check in as these different products are put through different temperatures, exposure to chemicals, and even given the scratch and drop test to see which one wears out and which one remains consistent.

Is one spray in bed liner necessarily better than the next or are all of these things relatively the same and you should just go with the cheapest one? By following along with this test, we have a strong feeling that you’ll leave knowing which option is right for your application.