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Who Gets a Stolen Ferrari When it’s Recovered 18 Years Later?

Sometimes, cars can end up with a mixed bag of a past that can make their future even more complicated.

For example, cars with salvage titles or histories of accidents might make their sale in the future something that buyers don’t exactly want to deal with. Really, any kind of dramatic activity with the vehicle is going to be something that makes its future a little bit more complicated.

In this particular situation, we check in with a Ferrari that brings all new meaning to that idea. The car was stolen years ago and has since been recovered.

As our host in the video below, Rob Ferretti tells us, the particular Ferrari in question is an F50 that was stolen back in the year 2003 in Italy. Since then, the car has been sold several times before eventually somehow turning up and having its past uncovered. Even though the VIN was replaced, at some point in the chain of shipping the car, Ferrari would be able to confirm that this machine was the one that was stolen all of those years ago.

In such a case, because there were so many owners between now and the person it was stolen from, it ends up creating quite a complicated web to untangle. Naturally, the person who owns the car today probably has no idea that it was stolen at one point in time. However, the car still has to go back to the person that it was stolen from… Right?

Down in the video below, we learn all about what has happened to the Ferrari that had VIN numbers swapped out and how exactly it was discovered along with who ends up going home with this thing. Back when it was stolen, let’s just say that it was worth a substantial amount less than it is today so somebody is really going to end up getting the short end of the stick on this one.