fb-pixel Young Local Hero Racer Defeates Chuck In the Final!
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Young Local Hero Racer Defeates Chuck In the Final!

A fascinating development in the Street Outlaws universe has recently emerged with the introduction of the “Locals Only” format. This innovative spin on events takes street racing to the grassroots level, bringing the action to the local communities near Street Outlaws No Prep Kings events.

As the No Prep Kings tour travels from city to city, producers seek out the most prominent names in local street racing. These local legends then converge on the track, engaging in a bracket-style tournament where each contender vies for a coveted spot in the final round. The ultimate prize? A chance to race against a big tire car featured in the main show and a $5000 purse.

While the odds may initially appear stacked against the locals, especially since they’re racing on small tires, a bit of negotiation often comes into play, providing the local racers with an opportunity to level the playing field.

In a recent instance, viewers were treated to an exhilarating showdown in the final race of the Locals Only bracket as brothers Tommy and Billy Hoskinson went head-to-head. The competition revolved around determining whether Billy’s Chevrolet S10 or Tommy’s Ford Falcon had what it takes to claim the title of the best among the locals.

Once a winner was declared, the triumphant racer faced none other than Street Outlaw Chuck Seitsinger. Chuck, renowned for his fox body, brought his iconic car to the line to go head-to-head with the victorious Hoskinson brothers.

An intriguing aspect of these races lies in the negotiation process to provide the local racer with an advantage. In this particular case, the advantage was granted by placing Chuck’s car 100 feet in front of the winner of the Locals bracket. Chuck would only be allowed to leave once his opponent reached the back bumper of Chuck’s Mustang, creating an uphill battle for Chuck in terms of both a running start and a less traction-friendly starting position on the track.

The races at the National Trail Raceway in Ohio unfolded in a way that undoubtedly brought the competition to life. Check out the footage below to witness the gripping set of races that showcased the thrill and intensity of the Locals Only format.