fb-pixel Birdman FURIOUS After Violently Colliding Into A Wall
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Birdman FURIOUS After Violently Colliding Into A Wall

Drag racing has always been synonymous with unpredictability, drawing immense love and attention for its ability to keep spectators on the edge of their seats. The thrill of not knowing what’s about to unfold, for better or worse, is the driving force behind the sport that keeps eyes glued to the action at all times.

In this throwback episode of Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings, the “For worse” element takes center stage, adding an unexpected twist to the competitive atmosphere. The scene is set with intense passes from renowned figures in street racing, including Big Chief, Chuck Seitsinger, and Monza.

However, the narrative takes an unforeseen turn when Ryan Martin, behind the wheel of his fireball Chevrolet Camaro, faces off against Birdman in his Pontiac Firebird. Martin, eager for a victory, seems to be at a disadvantage as Birdman showcases a dialed-in setup, enabling him to pull ahead.

As the race unfolds, the unexpected strikes in the form of an apparent equipment failure. The tension on the track escalates as Birdman’s Firebird suddenly lurches sideways. According to Birdman himself, it wasn’t tire spin, but a sudden yank to the side that caused the incident, leaving everyone on edge.

Fortunately, the silver lining emerges as all involved parties walk away unharmed. Despite the absence of injuries, the on-track incident is nothing short of terrifying, especially as the tires lift off the ground, and the black Firebird collides with the wall.

The video lacks specific details on the cause, leaving room for speculation. Birdman, reflecting on the incident, suggests that some components might have broken, contributing to the unexpected turn of events.

In the world of drag racing, where speed and precision are paramount, this episode shows just how unpredictable things can get. It adds a layer of suspense and even the most seasoned racers can be caught off guard by unforeseen circumstances.