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Ford’s Launches $300k Mustang Supercar to Take Down Europe’s Racing Elite

Ford is steering the Mustang down an unprecedented path, diverging from its traditional budget-friendly pony car stance. No, we’re not referring to the divisive Mustang EV; rather, it’s a variant that Ford boldly asserts to be a bona fide “supercar” in its own league.

In a groundbreaking announcement, the blue oval revealed the upcoming 2025 Ford Mustang GTD, primed to set its sights on Europe’s racing elite.

Notably, this rendition of the Mustang boasts a supercharged V8 engine, aided by a dry sump oil system. With a 5.2L powerplant, the machine targets a staggering 800 horsepower, harnessed through an eight-speed dual-clutch rear transaxle. In essence, this Mustang stands as an unprecedented creation for Ford as it deviates toward the realm of the Corvette before its transition to a mid-engine configuration. Picture the 2019 Corvette ZR1, adorned with an extra dose of horsepower.

The innovation doesn’t stop there. The GTD promises an ingenious suspension system designed to adapt spring rates and ride height settings to suit both track and street conditions. It incorporates active aerodynamics as well and even employs a carbon fiber driveshaft to optimize weight balance.

Notwithstanding these enhancements, the car retains the signature aesthetic that Mustang enthusiasts hold dear. The Mustang’s iconic lines now embrace a widebody design, finished with an abundance of carbon fiber throughout its body.

Unveiling its track-focused persona, the GTD boldly boasts a projected Nürburgring lap time of under seven minutes. This accomplishment squarely places it in contention with formidable adversaries like the Porsche GT3 RS.

The thing is that the Ford also hits in the GT3 RS’s pricing weight class.

For aficionados yearning to harness the cutting-edge track technology, Ford attaches an MSRP of $300,000 to the car that some are quickly considering a masterpiece. However, the exclusivity of this limited-production model could potentially restrict its availability to a select clientele. It hasn’t been released if buyers will need to qualify for the right to purchase one as was the case with the Ford GT.