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HP Tuners Announces Factory ECM Tuning for C8 – Vengeance Racing Twin Turbo C8 First at Bat

With every generation of General Motors performance vehicles released, there seems to be a battle between the General and the aftermarket. Naturally, aftermarket performance enthusiasts would like to add different go-fast parts to their GM performance cars to make them a little bit faster. Of course, to make these parts work together perfectly in unison, calibrating the ECM is going to be a necessary step in the process.

However, for one reason or another, General Motors doesn’t want the aftermarket tinkering with its cars. Therefore, with every generation they throw up a wall in the computer with the goal of an unbreakable barrier between modifiers and their goals, only to have companies like HP Tuners knock that wall down.

As of today, HP Tuners has downed yet another generation of GM’s wall-building efforts.

In an announcement, the tuning software and hardware company announced that Global B control modules featured in cars like the 2020-2023 C8 Corvette and Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing are now tunable.

HPT has rolled out a familiar platform that they say “provides pro tuners and enthusiasts with diagnostics and custom tuning capabilities for your GM vehicle’s stock control modules with convenient and direct OBDII flashing using our VCM Suite software and MPVI3 interface.”

Once the user sends in their ECM for HPT’s one-time send-in module upgrade services, they will gain access to a complete VCM suite software package that will allow them to scan, log, read, edit, and write capabilities.

Vengeance Racing was the first to make the most of the new tuning capabilities, using the interface to tune the world’s first twin-turbo C8 calibrated using the OEM Global B ECU utilizing HP Tuners VCM suite.

Even though the architecture for such tuning has been unavailable to this point, Vengeance has been putting in the hours of R&D behind the scenes to be ready when the time finally comes. Therefore, they’re now able to offer their new stage 1 twin turbo package that will take the c8 to approximately 650rwhp/560rwtq with the help of factory drivetrain and engine components complemented by 62/62mm turbos and all of the supporting mods necessary to ensure reliability and peak efficiency.

Vengeance cites that they “now can offer complete & proper calibration services for C8 Corvette, CT4V, CT5V, Blackwing & 2021+ Truck utilizing the OEM ECU & HP Tuners VCM Suite. Enthusiasts can now modify their vehicles with anything as simple as a cold air intake system, upgraded cylinder heads & camshaft, power adders, and more while properly calibrating their vehicle for optimal performance and reliability.”

They add that while there have been systems in place previously to piggyback off of the factory ECM, this new system should make things much smoother. Even though the old method was something that shops around the country made do with, VR tells us that the old way “can cause headaches in the form of engine codes and limp modes which make the vehicle undrivable and/or offer inconsistent performance.”

Therefore, we’re incredibly excited to see what kind of concoctions Vengeance can come up with as they get some seat time with the newly released software as it pertains to the latest and greatest in GM performance.