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Daddy Dave Takes His New Monte Carlo to the Dyno – This Thing is INSANE

Those who have been watching the OG Street Outlaws show on Discovery have been treated to a new yet familiar format. In recent episodes, fans have watched as cars have been swapped out from big tire monsters to more relatable small tire machines.

These small tire rides are certainly nothing to scoff at as they make some pretty big power themselves and deliver an entirely different level of racing. One of the more interesting parts of such racing is all of the different varieties of combinations that can come together to challenge one another.

Sure, watching big tire race cars blast their way down the street with incredible speed is nothing short of absolutely adrenaline pumping. However, the wide variety of possibilities with small tire cars really helps differentiate one from the next to create a whole new set of nuances.

While many competitors have gone to the length of putting together new hot rods to compete, fans of Street Outlaws icon, Daddy Dave, might’ve noticed that he has been behind the wheel of old reliable, the Chevrolet S10 that has been Dave’s go to for quite some time.

However, behind the scenes, Dave has been working on a new ride, a pretty wicked G body Chevrolet Monte Carlo that boasts some serious power. The new build might not have been ready for the initial airing of the show but it’s coming along nicely at this point and looking like it’s just about ready for the streets.

Below, we check in as the old school Monte that has been making some pretty serious progress. In this vlog from Daddy Dave Racing, Dave takes us behind the scenes to show off a little bit of dyno time that results in some pretty massive ProCharged horsepower. We even get to see a little bit of street time with a bit of a cruise.

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