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UK Gang Members Pulling off “Fast and Furiou... December 8, 2020 caught on camera heist

One of Universal’s Recording Artist Steals a... August 3, 2020 celebrity lamborghini

Recovering a Stolen Rental Corvette… Again... July 16, 2020 corvette rental car

"Roarin' 20s" Custom Diesel Motorcycle Stolen from Diesel Brothers Showroom

“Roarin’ 20s” Custom Diesel Moto... July 9, 2020 Diesel Brothers stolen

Thieves Steal a Pair of Lamborghini Urus SUVs, Crash Them Shortly After

Thieves Steal a Pair of Lamborghini Urus SUVs, Cra... February 19, 2020 lamborghini Lamborghini SUV

Man's Truck Stolen as he's Robbing a Store, Calls Police, Gets Arrested

Man’s Truck Stolen as he’s Robbing a S... August 29, 2019 Instant Karma robber

Stolen Trailer Confrontation Gets Heated... April 29, 2019 stolen trailer

Thieves Steal Catalytic Converter on Busy Street i... April 24, 2019 catalytic converter stolen

How An Automotive Genius Recovered 2 Stolen Lambos... November 29, 2018 lamborghini stolen

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