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Truck vs Boat Tug Battle... December 13, 2020 boat semi truck

Man Goes Off On Repo Guy For Trying To Tow His Tru... April 20, 2020 2017 Suburban chevrolet

Tow Truck Driver Goes Full “Fast and Furious... March 17, 2020 ambulance police chase

Woman Breaks Into Impound Lot, Steals A Truck, And Runs Over Tow Truck Driver

Woman Breaks Into Impound Lot, Steals A Truck, And... February 18, 2020 Impound ran over

Hidden Camera Sting Exposes Tow Truck Company Gone... December 17, 2019 Hidden camera tow truck

Tow Truck Operator Flips Over Car With Driver Stil... September 17, 2019 fail Flips Over car

Lifting and Moving a Helicopter with 35-Ton Wrecke... January 16, 2019 tow truck wrecker

Repo Gone Wrong! This Woman Came Out Swinging̷... November 21, 2018 baseball bat home run swing

Company Warns Her They’re Going To Get Towed... September 17, 2018 illegal parking tow truck

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